naturally elegant photography

Cape Cod



The smell of the salt in the air is everywhere.
Each beach is special, each marsh has its own natural rhythm, and every little town is different, yet all one big community. It is unavoidable how here, there is a feeling, a warmth. It is the very definition of a carefree summer.

Those who experience it crave it in their soul and come back year after year.
It becomes a place where families come together, and special times are shared.

I love photographing families here, at this rare and special place.
Since 2003, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with people to capture their coastal portraits, documenting in a relaxed and casual manner, families simply enjoying time together on the Cape,

Together, the people who gather in this place serve as an enduring and timeless testament to priceless family bonds, in this beautiful landscape.

You have outdone yourself again.
We have such a wonderful emotional response to the portraits. You are so very talented and once again, you have given us photographic memories that will last a lifetime for our family.
— Chappaqua, NY