naturally elegant photography


You are an artist.
These photos truly surpassed our expectations. We will be quick to recommend you to family and friends, although your work really speaks for itself.
— New York, NY


The camera can often capture things that people have a difficult time expressing.

People are often uncomfortable with the camera pointed at them, at least at first. My unique skill is in helping put people at ease. When they relax, I capture them at their best.
Memorable portraits happen when people allow themselves to shine through.

I love organic, natural photos that celebrate the connection between people.  
For my coastal portrait sessions, I bring people close together, making it easier them to express those bonds.

Great portraits have lots of eye contact between the subjects, and in professional hands and in a comfortable setting, the camera, along with the talent and intuition of the person behind it, can reveal so much about how people feel about each other.

Those are the images that people treasure forever.

Prior to my coastal portrait work, I studied photography at the University of New Mexico, worked in formal portraiture at Kim Jew Studio in Albuquerque, and managed the studio of fashion, celebrity and advertising photographer Michael Thompson in New York City.

I hope that you will consider my work to document the lives of your family in a soulful, beautiful and timeless manner.